An Industry Proven, Internationally Recognized Turnkey Guide To Starting Your Own Hot Dog Cart Business As Featured In Hot Dog Biz Magazine and Food Cart Industry Radio

The Hot Dog Cart Business Overview

Operating a hot dog cart can be a very lucrative business venture where you could hundreds of dollars a day from a single cart in a random location where there is foot traffic.

Incredibly, this unique business sector boasts one of the simplest, most efficient business models due to the fact that startup costs and general overhead expenses are low, allowing hot dog cart owners to maximize their profits at very minimal costs without the high risks involved in opening a brick and mortar business.

For over 50 years, we have acquired and set up hot dog carts for pennies on the dollar using proven methods, by cutting deals and putting offers in on carts that are widely available in every region that were just sitting around.

Whether we operate them or subcontract them out to other people, the return from our tiny investment and from our efforts by simply managing the carts have been astronomical every time "because everybody loves a good hot dog" and is a recession proof opportunity.  Just choose a spot where there is foot traffic and sell.

You've seen them at fairs, events, sidewalks, construction sites, schools and universities, at stadiums and generally almost anywhere in busy downtown areas.

Most of these individuals running their own little hot dog cart are making serious money, where it's not uncommon to make up to $700 in a single outing during the day, and more if it's really busy.

You might be thinking that it costs too much money for the cart, licensing, equipment dogs, and that overall, that hot dog cart operators earn a marginal amount of money.  Therefore, you eventually conclude it's not worth your time or effort.

This couldn't be further from the truth, and if you've spoken to anyone in the industry, we are confident that they will tell you the same.

You see, most people are often so use to working their regular 9-5 jobs that they feel that that's all they can do and the prospect of starting their own business simply overwhelms them.

After many years in the business, we can tell you if are willing to succeed, then you're more than half way there.

Our Hot Dog Cart Business Plan featured at this site was put together by actual hot dog cart owners so that there would be an authoritative guide available to those looking to start and run their own hot dog cart, regardless of location. 

Over the years, it has been featured in numerous publications and is Internationally recognized and approved by the International hot dog cart industry association.

As veterans of the hot dog cart business, we'll show you how to get started running your own hot dog cart in a real world environment where street smarts and maneuvering matter so that you'll distinguish your cart and customer service from the competition to retain and gain new customers through strategic word of mouth advertising.  "Hint:  Offer a free hot dog program where if people refer new customers to you or if they buy an X amount "you decide", give a free dog".  It goes a long way!  You can keep track of purchases and referrals through punch cards.

From purchasing or obtaining a cart for free, to licensing, permits and choosing a location, all can be accomplished for less than couple of hundred dollars if you get your cart for free.  WE SHOW YOU WHERE!!!!!!!

There is no other guide on the web that will reveal the tight-lipped hot dog industry secrets that other hot dog vendors have zealously guarded for years "although some may tout they do".   We're now making them available to the public through our guide, which enable you to minimize you startup cost to basically nothing and show you the steps needed to begin making money immediately in this highly lucrative, low cost, low risk business.

GENERAL INFORMATION PUBLISHERS:  Please be aware of general information publishers.  We've discovered many web sites offering knock-off generic hot dog cart business guides that offer just filler content based on free information on the web presenting them as if they are the original.   If you want a legitimate, resource-rich, industry-recognized guide, look no further. 

The fact is, the hot dog cart business is fast to start, and you can get started on a shoestring budget.  You'll be able to make your own hours, be your own boss, scaleable "where you can grow as big as you want", and is a low stress unlimited income potential job.

The benefits are truly endless, and there is no denying the fact that it is indeed a recession proof because of the low price point of dogs and the fact that everybody loves a good dog.  If you're looking to get into a low risk, high profit margin business, then the fast starting hot dog business may be just right for you.

Why Our eBook?

Currently, there are several hot dog cart business eBooks on the web being offered at web sites that tout they are written by hot dog cart owners, however, none of the ones we reviewed were in-depth, and after  further independent research into them, we ultimately discovered that most of them were published by general information publishers using re-hashed industry information, and incredibly, have never worked in the hot dog vending business.

Online since 1995, we have been offering our award winning, real-world, turnkey guide that anyone can use to start a hot dog cart business, regardless of where they live, what language they speak or current financial situation.

You see, we know that most people just want to know how to get started and don't have time to read irrelevant filler information.... What's needed is a proven hot dog  cart business system that minimizes cost, and maximizes profit using inside industry resources, and essential skills to bartering for equipment and food without spending a penny.

Most people believe they need to purchase a new or used hot dog cart, and depending on your unique situation, it might make sense.  But, our philosophy is: "Why Spend When You Can Negotiate and Barter" your way to free equipment without spending dime.

This can be done by contacting numerous agencies "listed in our guide" and non-profit organizations and inquire about vending equipment that they may not be doing anything with.

In most cases, they will sell whatever you need, a steamer or push cart for a deeply discounted price or they may even give it to you for free for future service.

You will not find a more down to earth, street smart guide to earning money as a hot dog vendor!

We truly believe that the key to success is to be creative, efficient and using unorthodox methods when operating a hot dog cart business to ensure that you attract and retain clientele, and distinguish yourself from the competition using guerilla marketing tactics.

This philosophy has resulted in the International Recognition and related industry awards of our eBook.

The Art of Operating A Hot Dog Cart

We guess you can say that running a hot dog cart is like an art.  Knowing what the weather is like, where the people will be and other small but important factors will help you decide which site is best to set up your cart for the day.

Remember, your time and effort is worth money, so you need to be efficient and learn what places are best to set up your hot dog cart and strategically secure them over your competition.

This business is a little different than others, as there are no areas permanently assigned to independent hot dog vendors, rather vendors must bid or contact their town offices durign the year to set up a stand.  Sometimes your desired spot for the day may have a waiting list, but maybe not.  Spots can get snapped up quick by competition, but you can circumvent the process numerous ways so that you will always have a prime location that will yield the most profits on any given day.  We show you how and it's FREE!

To really have an edge over the competition, you need a decent spot, where foot traffic is heavy.  Although, keep in mind, we've set up carts in good and bad spots, inside the city downtown areas and in the suburbs and at parks, never failing to make a profit.

That's because good hot dogs sell themselves;  couple that with an ice cold drink and chips, you have a winning recipe.

We are passionate about the mobile hot dog vending industry, and love interacting with people.

Above all, one of the top ways you can improve sales and retain customers is to offer customer service that go above and beyond what people expect and learn how to identify potential customers.  Through the use of body language projection and catchphrases, you'll be able to make the sale every time.

You'll find all of the aggressive and passive body language movements and phrases that has worked for us over the years that you can employ.

Remember, your goal is to sell as many hot dogs as possible, and through the use of low profile actions, you'll gain more new customers than you can handle.

A Turnkey, Universal Business Startup Guide Regardless of Your Location

Our featured eBook is a universal hot dog business startup guide that was written so that any one, regardless of which country they are from, or where they are located may start a profitable hot dog cart business.  Using our featured guide, you'll learn the art of minimizing costs and maximizing profits through proven client retention methods that we've used for decades in addition to inside industry supply sources that you can contact directly for free/low cost equipment.

We are recognized as the authoritative site on how to start your own hot dog cart business, and are confident that you will find our information, resources & tools to be essential when starting your own hot dog cart, no matter where you are in the world, what language you speak or how much money you have at your disposal.

You'll find a plethora of hot dog cart business resources at your disposal which will enable you to begin selling immediately without the headaches or needless costs.

Typical Places Where You Can Set Up A Stand 



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